Pro Export Plus supplies quality Czech made Chucking and clamping Tools made by the traditional Czech producers to European as well as Overseas countries. Among the most demanded clamping tools belong Škoda Live Centres made by Pilsen Tools, Dead Centres from Karned Tools, Boring Heads, Angle Heads and Spindle Speeders made by NAREX MTE, Lathe Chucks made by TOS Svitavy, Drill Chucks PoS made by Policske strojirny, Magnetic chucks made by WALMAG, CNC holders and Adaptors made by Pilana MCT, Drill sleeves and Drill Chuck Arbors made by Stim zet, Hand and Machine Vices made by YORK a CASPO and a lot of other standard as well as special Clamping Tools made according to the request of our customers.

Dividing heads

Pro Export Plus offers Dividing Heads of high quality made by Slovtos. We can supply Universal Dividing Heads DU as well as simple Dividing Heads DJ. Both are used for clamping of workpieces which are to be turned around by certain angle and are used for direct and non-direct dividing.

Tool Holders

Pro Export Plus offers a wide assortment of CNC holders made by Pilana MCT and Pilsen Tools such as Milling Arbors, Adaptors, Boring Bars, Collet chucks, High Accuracy Drill Chucks, End Mills Holders, Shrink fit Chucks and may others made according to DIN 2080, DIN 69871, MAS BT and HSK.

Universal Boring and Angle Heads

Pro Export Plus supplies full range of heads made by traditional manufacturer Narex. Besides most popular boring and facing heads Vhu we supply also right angle heads, rolling and tapping heads and spindle speeders.

Magnetic chucks

Pro Export Plus supplies magnetic chucks and demagnetizers for many applications. We offer rectangular and round chucks, with permanent or electro magnet with continuous poling and with various pitch to the requirements of customers.

Rotary tables

Pro Export Plus offers hand and mechanical rotary tables made by Slovtos.

Reducing sleeves

Pro Export Plus offers reducing sleeves with morse taper shank in standard length, extended length according to DIN 2185 and DIN 2187 and also ISO reducing sleeves.


Pro Export Plus supplies different models and sizes of Lathe and Drills Chucks from local producers TOS Svitavy and Poličské Strojírny. All chucks are available in variations to CSN as well as to DIN standards.


Pro Export Plus supplies both hand and machine vices. Workshop bench vices and simple vices are made by York. You will find more details about machine vices in our e-shop.

Clamping Centres

Pro Export Plus offers dead and live centres. Dead centres are supplied according to DIN 806 with or without sintered carbide tip. Skoda live centres are available in a wide assortment: 243324 with 60° point angle; 243328 extended, with 60° point angle; 243326 with interchangeable points; 243319 with top angles of 60° and 90° for clamping the hollow workpieces; 243325 for 60° or 90° apex angle; 243327 for NC lathes...

Tap wrench and stocks for round dies

Pro Export Plus offers tap and circular die holders made by Bucovice Tools company Download file