Magnetic chucks

Magnetic chucks

Pro Export Plus supplies magnetic chucks and demagnetizers for many applications. We offer rectangular and round chucks, with permanent or electro magnet with continuous poling and with various pitch to the requirements of customers.

Grinding magnetic chucks

We are offering following models for grinding of small parts - permanent magnetic chuck Neomicro with fine pitch 1,9 mm in range 100x70 mm to 600x300 mm; sine tables which are suitable for grinding and measuring and electromagnetic chucks Electrofine with fine pitch 1,9 mm, transversal poling and power supply 110 V - range from 250x150 to 800x300 mm. We recommend Unigrip model for grinding of medium and large workpieces - continuous poling, pitch 19mm, range from 600x300 to 2000x600mm.

Milling magentic chucks

We are offering permanent magnetic chucks for milling - models Neomill with pole pitch 15mm and Neopower with pitch 19mm are suitable for milling of small and medium parts, electromagnetic model Turbomill with pitch 18, 25 or 40 mm is designated for milling of medium and large workpieces.

Round chucks

We are offering circular permanent chucks Ferromax and Neogrip with pole pitch 11 to 17mm, waterproof execution, produced from 100 to 800mm. These models are suitable for clamping of small to medium components. Model Neomicro which is produced from 100 to 300mm with pole pitch 2mm is recommended for clapming of very small pieces.

Segmental chucks

We are offering lamella blocks with longitudinal or transverse poling which extend the performance of chucks. They are brazed with silver, with precize finish, longitudinal or transverse poling and pole pitch 3 fe + 1MS. Dimensions from 250x75 to 650x100 mm. Download file


We are offering - hand demagnetizers HD for demagnetisation of larger parts and components •active surface: 150x95 mm •low weight •depth of demagnetization field up to 40 mm - table demagnetizer for demagnetization of larger parts and components •demagnetization surface up to 300x400 mm •prolonged working cycle -tunnel degmanetizer for automatic demagnetization of larger components •dimension up to 600x420 mm •fluent working •conveyor belt available - Gauss indicators for measuring of residual magnetism •analogic: up to 50 gauss •digital: up to 999 gauss.