Universal Boring and Angle Heads

Universal Boring and Angle Heads

Pro Export Plus supplies full range of heads made by traditional manufacturer Narex. Besides most popular boring and facing heads Vhu we supply also right angle heads, rolling and tapping heads and spindle speeders.

Milling angle heads

Right angle milling heads Narex increases the scope of using of the machine, makes possible to machine the surfaces which are for the used machine unaccessible. Concentration of machining operations increases the accuracy of the executed machining by one clamping of the workpiece, reduces the costs caused by repeated clamping, reduces the production times – increases the working productivity. Basic models are FXI - fixed and PVI - adjustable. The slope angle of the head spindle is 90° Pivot head round the axis for 360° Suitable for finishing operations Clamping size 2÷16 mm and 2÷20 mm With fixed taper shank. Models PVM and FXM have the possibility to change the taper shank, extension part or clamping plate. Download file

Thread rolling heads

Pro Export Plus supplies thread rolling heads Narex. These heads are high efficient tools intended for manufacturing of the outer threads through the cold rolling-axial method. Heads are used on universal lathes, turret lathes, drilling machines and on automatic lathes. Range of thread-rolling M3÷M60 up to the type of head and rollers. Model Zhv - fixed rolling heads are produced in five sizes for range of thread M3 to M30. Model Zhvu - universal rolling heads are produced in three sizes for range of thread M12 to M60.

Universal Boring heads

Pro Export Plus offers boring heads Narex - models Vh, Vhu, Vhs and Svn. Most popular are Vhu – universal boring heads. As a boring device – considerably increases possibilities of boring, drilling and milling machines. These heads are suitable for precision boring of cylindrical holes and for machining of external cylindrical surfaces. The boring head Vhu by means of an automatic slide feed makes possible facing, backfacing and taper machining. Vh – precision boring heads are used for precision boring of cylindrical holes in the given range of diameters. The range is O6-225 mm and with special tools can be up to 400 mm. These heads can be used for boring and milling machines, NC-machine tools, etc. Vhs – adjustable boring heads are used for precision boring of cylindrical holes on boring machines or on the other machine tools. They can be used on CNC machines with automatic exchange of the tool as well. SVn – modular boring system for ranges of holes from O 105 to O 600mm. Set SVn is used for boring of blocked, rough or other way prepared holes. Download file

Thread cutting heads

Pro Export Plus offers several models of tapping heads "Narex". RTH-BJ reversible thread cutting heads: Speed reversal by one direction of machine spindle revolutions. Tap is protected by the skidding clutch. Range of thread-cutting: M2÷M20 Suitable for conventional machines Safety thread cutting heads Zhb: Safety clutch for taps protection. For speed reversal is necessary to change machine's revolutions. Range of thread-cutting: M2÷M52 Suitable for conventional and CNC machines. This model is also available with exchangeable clamping bush.


ZP-10/X- spindlespeeder offered by Pro Export Plus is basically collet chuck of drills and shank mills, equipped by mechanical planetary transmission with fixed ratio of overdrive 6:1. Spindle is modified for straight shanks clamping in range 1,0÷13 mm by collets type ER20/ESX DIN 6499-B. Maximal short-term available spindle revolutions are given by the bound 20.000 rpm, ordinary usage of device is up to 15.000 rpm by allowed working temperature to 50°C. Possibilities of clamping ISO 40 DIN 2080, ISO 50 DIN 2080, ISO 40 DIN 69871, ISO 50 DIN 69871, CAT 40, CAT 50, BT 40, BT 50, ISO 40 ČSN 220432, MT4, MT5, MT6. Download file