Pro Export Plus supplies quality Czech made Measuring Instrument made by traditional Czech producers to many European as well as Overseas countries. Among the most salable gauges belong Analogue and Digital Calipers, Height Gauges, Depth Gauges, Dial Indicators and Micrometers made by SOMET and ASIMETO Rules, Universal Bevel Protractors, Gauge Blocks, Magnetic Stands, Steel Squares and Machine Levels Hardness Testers made by POLDI and SKODA, Gauges made by PILSEN TOOLS and a lot of Special Measuring instruments made to request of our customers.

Inside dial gauge

Pro Export Plus supplies Inside Calipers made by Czech manufacturers Inside Calipers can be provided with analogue or digital dial indicators.

Depth gauge

Pro Export Plus offers Depth Gauges from Czech manufacturers Depth Gauges can be delivered with analogue or digital reading.

Feeler and thread Gauges

Pro Export Plus supplies a wide range of gauges


Pro Export Plus offers Micrometers made b company Somet and Asimeto. Micrometers are available with analogue or digital reading.

Miscellaneous gauges

On top of above shown measuring instruments Pro Export Plus offers a variety of gauges like measuring tapes, gauge blocks, plug and thread gauges, inside spring calipers and dividers, scribers and many more on request.

Vernier Calipers

Pro Export Plus offers Vernier Calipers made by Somet. On special request we can also supply other brands like Mitutoyo, Schut, Mahr and Hi-Tech. Vernier Calipers are delivered with analogue or digital reading.


Pro Export Plus offers a wide range Rules. Very popular are Steel Rules with or without overlaps, Aluminium Rules, Flexible Rules, Precision Rules and Workshop Rules.

Surface plates

Pro Export Plus offers a wide range of Surface Plates made by Pilsen Tools (Škoda) a Somet CZ. Surface Plates are available as Cast Iron Surface Plates or Granite Surface Plates and in sizes from 200mm do 3000mm depending on model.

Feeler gauges

Pro Export Plus supplied a wide range of different gauges. Among most popular belong feeler gauges, thread gauges and indvidual gauges for all kinds of threads.

Measuring Stands

Pro Export Plus offers a wide assortment of magnetic and non magnetic measuring stands Noga brand. We offer stands with or without central adjustment, on-off or permanent magnets as well as non magnetic stands. We can also supply magnets or different arms only. Noga magnetic stands are available in our e-shop.

Harddness Testers

Pro Export Plus offers Hradness Tested made by Pilsen Tools and Strojírny Poldi.

Dial indicators

Pro Export Plus offers a wide range of dial indicators made by Somet . All dial indicators are available with analogue or digital reading.


Pro Export Plus supplies full range of brand Squares made either to CSN or to DIN standards and Precision Squares either hardened or soft.


Pro Export Plus offers range of Protractors from Somet. Protractors are available with analogue or digital reading and in various sizes depending on model and supplier.

Spirit levels

Pro Export Plus exports the full range made by czech companies

Height gauges

Pro Export Plus supplies Height gauges made by Somet, and Asimeto. Height gauges are available in digital or analogue execution.