Dividing heads

Dividing heads

Pro Export Plus offers Dividing Heads of high quality made by Slovtos. We can supply Universal Dividing Heads DU as well as simple Dividing Heads DJ. Both are used for clamping of workpieces which are to be turned around by certain angle and are used for direct and non-direct dividing.

Simple Dividing MAchines DJ

Pro Export Plus supplies dividing heads in three sizes - DJ 200 A, DJ 250 A a DJ 320 A. They are used to clamp workpieces on milling machines, especially those demanding turning through the given angle between two machine operations. They are specified for single and indirect indexing. Standard model is supplied with Morse taper spindle.

Universal Dividing Head DU

Universal dividing heads are used on milling machines in setting workpieces that have to be rotated in the machining process by a certain angle, both in between the individual machining operations as well as during machining itself (e.g. in production of fluted milling cutters and reamers, gears, spline shafts, gashes, threads or cams). The dividing heads are suitable for direct, indirect, single and differential indexing. The work length is limited by the length of working surface of the machine work table. The heads are available in lef-hand version and are supplied in four sizes DU 200, 250, 320 and 400. A wide standard and optional equipement is available as well.