Tool Holders

Tool Holders

Pro Export Plus offers a wide assortment of CNC holders made by Pilana MCT and Pilsen Tools such as Milling Arbors, Adaptors, Boring Bars, Collet chucks, High Accuracy Drill Chucks, End Mills Holders, Shrink fit Chucks and may others made according to DIN 2080, DIN 69871, MAS BT and HSK.

Milling arbors

We supply a wide range of Arbors for Milling cutters, Combination Shell Mill Arbors with keyway or driving slots, with longitudinal keway, with through coolant hole, with adjustable shank for shell type cutters and many other all made to DIN 2080, DIN 69871, MAS BT as well as HSK.

Collet chucks

We are offering collet chucks according to DIN 69871-B and DIN 2080 for ER collets DIN 6499. We also supply collets from ER 11 to ER 40.

Collets ER

Pro Export Plus supplies Collets ER made by Pilana company in standart DIN 6499. We offer Collets system ER, Collets system ER with internal square and Collet sets ER

Precise Drill chucks

We are offering short drill chucks in execution DIN 2080, pre-ballanced DIN 69871-A and also JIS B 6339 (MAS BT). All modes are suitable both for right and left rotation.


We supply wide range of adaptors according to DIN 69871-A, DIN 69871-AD, DIN 69871-B, DIN 2080, JIS B 6339 (MAS BT)

Knurling wheels

Pro Export Plus offers straight, right and left knurling wheels. We supply them with pitch 0,6; 0,8; 1,0; 1,2; 1,6 or 2,0 mm, in tolerance H7. Download file

Knurling wheel holders

Pro Export Plus supplies holders of knurling wheels. They are designed for knurling of external cylindrical surfaces. We offer straight or side holders with 1, 2 or 8 knurling wheels. Knurling wheels have to be ordered separately. Download file

Boring bars

We are offering roughing and finishing boring bars according to DIN 69871-A and JIS B 6339 (MAS BT). Roughing boring bars are delivered with fitted cutting unit PN 242429 without indexable carbide inserts, finishing boring bars are delivered with fitted cutting unit PN 242428 - for diameter 19 and 25mm and with cutting unit PN 242421 for larger diameters, also without indexable carbide inserts.