Milling magentic chucks

Milling magentic chucks

We are offering permanent magnetic chucks for milling - models Neomill with pole pitch 15mm and Neopower with pitch 19mm are suitable for milling of small and medium parts, electromagnetic model Turbomill with pitch 18, 25 or 40 mm is designated for milling of medium and large workpieces.

Electropermanent chuck

Proexportplus offer electropermanent systems made by Walmag company, which are the combination of permanent and electromagnetic technology. They exploit the ability of some ferromagnetic materials to become a permanent magnet due to the fast action of strong direct current. In this state, they continue to function without the need of an external power supply. When demagnetizing, impulses create an alternating current which demagnetizes the ferromagnetic materials.

Permanent chunks

Proexportplus offer permanent chucks made by Walmag company. In permanent magnetic chucks, we find the utilization of highly magnetized materials which in a particular arrangement facilitate the clamping of magnetic steel. Under normal conditions, they do not lose their magnetic force. Activation and deactivation is performed mechanically by movement of the internal system with permanent magnets. This is usually activated manually by use of a handle.