Thread cutting heads

Thread cutting heads

Pro Export Plus offers several models of tapping heads "Narex". RTH-BJ reversible thread cutting heads: Speed reversal by one direction of machine spindle revolutions. Tap is protected by the skidding clutch. Range of thread-cutting: M2÷M20 Suitable for conventional machines Safety thread cutting heads Zhb: Safety clutch for taps protection. For speed reversal is necessary to change machine's revolutions. Range of thread-cutting: M2÷M52 Suitable for conventional and CNC machines. This model is also available with exchangeable clamping bush.

Safety Heads Zhb

Zhb - thread-cutting heads are applicable on drilling machines and lathes. The axial compensation compensates the difference between thread pitch and machine spindle feed for cutting calibrical thread on conventional machines. Zhb heads are also delivered in design Zhb A for quick change adaptors type NVH (PLASTIC collets) or RVK for wide range collets type RUBBER FLEX JACOBS. Download file

Reversible Heads Rth

RTH - Reversible tapping head is used on drilling machines or on milling machines. Function of axial compensation ensures compensation of necessary axial movement for cutting calibre thread on conventional machines. Taper shanks are exchangeable. Download file